Blockchain Application For Mental Health Care

Application of blockchain technology for mental health care is likely to solve the problem of keeping data secure. By anonymizing patient health information, the blockchain will facilitate research and development based on the huge amounts of data that have been difficult to use due to privacy concerns. WellLinc intends to focus first on the area of mental health (one of VitalHub’s two main areas of domain expertise), citing market sizing opportunities… Read More »

IBM And Blockchain Implementations

This article discusses the significance of IBM and blockchain implementations. Because IBM is more or less quietly a leader in ultra-high level tech R&D and at the same time has major positions in current technological applications that are transforming marketplaces all over the world, trying to see more of what IBM is up to can maybe help us gauge what the future will be like. It is no surprise that… Read More »

Cryptocurrencies Magazine

This looks like a pretty good cryptocurrencies magazine. It has reviews of blockchain based entities like digibyte, ethereum classic, i/o coin and more. There are interviews with knowledgeable sources sharing valuable information about cryptos and what is going on with them. Issue 4 is the February 2018 ezine, and the folks behind this magazine are planning on offering much more about bitcoin and the rest of the digital currencies market.… Read More »

Blockchain IoT Speed Problem

Just over the horizon, that is where the solutions are to the blockchain IoT speed problem. Obviously, faster and more efficient computer hardware and software are forever being developed and delivered. More and more renewable energy sources relying on photovoltaics, wind turbines, etc. will make for cheap and reliable electricity to power computational needs. Then there is this – Where the Rubber Meets the Road. Below is an informative video… Read More »

Cryptocurrency System Step By Step

The cryptocurrency system step-by-step solution in this video is about taking advantage of the new digital currency marketplace. Just the steps that must be taken to be able to safely purchase bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, etc. are somewhat complicated, but should be considered worthwhile as the security of any asset or equity is very important. Cryptocurrency represents the single biggest investment opportunity since the beginning of human civilization. The reason why… Read More »

Women And The Blockchain | Expectations

As a tool for facilitating access to capital, funding via blockchain is seen as being particularly beneficial to women who are innovators, business leaders and cash-strapped entrepreneurs. Financial gender inequality should be lessened by the increasing understanding of the uses of cryptocurrencies. Blockchain crowdfunding is expected to play a huge role in fomenting financial independence for women. As we enter 2018, it appears that blockchain’s contribution to capital formation has only… Read More »

Ripple A Crypto Coin With Promise

Ripple is yet another cryptocurrency with a good team and a promising future. This article is an easy read about the digital coin’s background, its recent pricing, and the crypto’s uses in the near future. . Before you jump into Ripple, you should start from the beginning. Prior to the development of cryptos like Bitcoin, there have been many attempts to create a digital currency. Ripple: The World’s Best Performing… Read More »

Bank of England Official Cryptocurrency 2018

The biggest, clearest and simplest to understand value of cryptocurrencies is as a store of value that can’t be censored and is resistant to seizure. Offshore banking, which currently holds about $20 trillion, is in use for these same reasons. It turns out that such offshore havens are not just for people and corporations trying to avoid taxes. Apple, Amazon, all billionaires, and other law-abiding citizens and corporations securely store… Read More »

POW Digital Currency Info

At this point, the POW cryptocurrency is being distributed free for the asking to people in Facebook and Twitter social networks. Please read more about POW via the link below. POW ‘lite’ and the ‘POW Account’ concept creates a hybrid centralized blockchain currency and payment system, which can be seen as a stepping stone to the big picture goal of decentralized finance. . We hope you join us by claiming your… Read More »

Paper Money Is Out Of Favor Too

So, the arguments against cryptocurrencies persist. . I guess maybe the “criminal economy” is in big trouble. Cash is an untraceable means of exchange that enables (and encourages) a vast criminal economy. read more at