Bitcoin For Beginners

Bitcoin for Beginners is the new Udemy Video Training Series designed to help anyone who wants to know more about The Future of Money, but needs someone to show them how it works in the real world, and do it in simple language anyone can understand. Whether it is used as a store of value, an investment, for sending money worldwide for virtually nothing, or for those just looking to experience the latest in global financial technology, Bitcoin has something for everyone. This will take someone who has no knowledge of Bitcoin and bring them a solid understanding of what it is and why it is here to stay and a worthwhile investment in your future.

You can’t learn where you are going until you know where you are today. This video breaks down the world of money today into an understandable framework for you to learn from. Plenty of mistakes are being made financially worldwide, and many of them will be solved by using Bitcoin going forward. How the debt-based fiat currency system is not a good long-term solution for you, and where Bitcoin forges a new path to prosperity.

Learn how Bitcoin is making the transition from being a speculative high-yield investment to a long-term global currency that we will all use in the future. How the value has changed greatly, and how the US Dollar value is not all bad. Understand the four lessons Bitcoin is learning as it makes it’s transition into the mainstream , and how you can take advantage going forward.

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