Bitcoin Reputation Saved

For the newbie, its not as easy to get as it should be. I dont blame someone new to Bitcoin for not investing because the Bitcoin ecosystem is very volatile, from price to national regulation, to taxes. An economic revolution logically would be very chaotic in the early years, and it reflects the chaos in the fiat currency markets as well.

Bitcoin’s reputation, it’s brand, is approaching crisis mode.

My advice to people new to Bitcoin is “Do not use a Bitcoin exchange until they submit to an internal review or regulation in the Bitcoin community.” You are better off with LocalBitCoins.comor to get started. Start small, learn how to use them, and don’t go big until the community addresses these serious trust issues. We have some of the world’s greatest technology, and we’re blowing it, out of greed and overall mismanagement. We’re handling Bitcoin’s development as poorly as governments are handling their fiat currencies. We haven’t learned anything from their mistakes.

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