Blockchain IoT Speed Problem

Just over the horizon, that is where the solutions are to the blockchain IoT speed problem. Obviously, faster and more efficient computer hardware and software are forever being developed and delivered. More and more renewable energy sources relying on photovoltaics, wind turbines, etc. will make for cheap and reliable electricity to power computational needs.

Then there is this – Where the Rubber Meets the Road.

Below is an informative video about the advances 5G digital standards will provide, which can then be expected to make a huge contribution to making the blockchain integral to everyday life.

5G standardization is in its infancy, and as such the technologies that will enable the next generation of mobile speeds will be constantly evolving as well.

The transition to 5G won’t be instantaneous, in fact it has been going on from as early as 2011 – the commercial inception of 4G networks.

4G is a true mobile broadband solution, which provides the foundational infrastructure for 5G to build upon.

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