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Blockchain Application For Mental Health Care

Application of blockchain technology for mental health care is likely to solve the problem of keeping data secure. By anonymizing patient health information, the blockchain will facilitate research and development based on the huge amounts of data that have been difficult to use due to privacy concerns. WellLinc intends to focus first on the area of mental health (one of VitalHub’s two main areas of domain expertise), citing market sizing opportunities… Read More »

IBM And Blockchain Implementations

This article discusses the significance of IBM and blockchain implementations. Because IBM is more or less quietly a leader in ultra-high level tech R&D and at the same time has major positions in current technological applications that are transforming marketplaces all over the world, trying to see more of what IBM is up to can maybe help us gauge what the future will be like. It is no surprise that… Read More »

Blockchain IoT Speed Problem

Just over the horizon, that is where the solutions are to the blockchain IoT speed problem. Obviously, faster and more efficient computer hardware and software are forever being developed and delivered. More and more renewable energy sources relying on photovoltaics, wind turbines, etc. will make for cheap and reliable electricity to power computational needs. Then there is this – Where the Rubber Meets the Road. Below is an informative video… Read More »

Women And The Blockchain | Expectations

As a tool for facilitating access to capital, funding via blockchain is seen as being particularly beneficial to women who are innovators, business leaders and cash-strapped entrepreneurs. Financial gender inequality should be lessened by the increasing understanding of the uses of cryptocurrencies. Blockchain crowdfunding is expected to play a huge role in fomenting financial independence for women. As we enter 2018, it appears that blockchain’s contribution to capital formation has only… Read More »

Bank of England Official Cryptocurrency 2018

The biggest, clearest and simplest to understand value of cryptocurrencies is as a store of value that can’t be censored and is resistant to seizure. Offshore banking, which currently holds about $20 trillion, is in use for these same reasons. It turns out that such offshore havens are not just for people and corporations trying to avoid taxes. Apple, Amazon, all billionaires, and other law-abiding citizens and corporations securely store… Read More »

Bitcoin Derivatives Market

Bitcoin could change derivatives, in particular settlement, trading and securities issuance according to some individuals, among whom are bankers and technologists. Alex Batlin, who has been a vocal supporter of banks adopting Bitcoin related technologies, told attendees of the IDX Derivatives Expo in London that blockchain technologies will change banking. t for example through instantaneous settlement rather than the days it takes at present, lower costs and lower operational risk,… Read More »

Using Bitcoin Block Chain

Documents could be timestamped forever Last week,Time published an article titled How Bitcoin Can Save Journalism and the Arts, exploring bitcoins micropayment capability for creating a new model of content distribution that is free from advertising. Yet, long before this new interest and innovation sparked outside the tech community, WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange was seeing the promise of the bitcoin technology beyond currency. The ramifications of bitcoin technology go far… Read More »

Sidechains White Paper Imagines New Future

Author: quotecoins
A group of bitcoin core developers and cryptographic technology experts have released a new proposal that could reshape the digital currency ecosystem if implemented.
The sidechains concept has long been argued as a solution to what many see as a volatile and self-damaging sector of the cryptocurrency ecosystem

Counterparty Financial Tool

Counterparty allows you to attract investors from anywhere in the world, allocate equity, and distribute profits from your company to them automatically. Additionally, the built-in asset exchange means that your tokens become part of a global marketplace with other companies and projects. Because Counterparty uses Bitcoin it’s easy to raise funds, pay vendors and staff, and get business done with the worlds most popular digital currency. In the Counterparty protocol… Read More »

Intelligent Identity Verification By BlockScore

Seriously worth checking out if you don’t want any hassles when it comes to verification of users, these guys do it all for you. BlockScore’s service helps us provide an unparalleled level of security and peace of mind to our customers. BlockScore verifications are intelligently matched with one another and associated with a global identifier. This allows you to prevent duplicate identities on your service, even if the same person… Read More »