How To Make Money With Bitcoin

  Thursday, January 30, 2014 As of 2:43 AM EST A stable currency’s value rises and falls on a daily basis, but on a much smaller scale then what can be seen with bitcoins. Where normal arbitrageurs are dealing with minute changes in value (less than a penny’s difference can still mean thousands of dollars profit risk-free), bitcoin arbitrageurs deal in the difference of full dollar amounts. As of this… Read More »

Cryptocurrency Crowdfunding Saved Jamaica’s Bobsled

  Just in case you missed it, a heart-warming story unfolded this week involving an unlikely combination of bobsled, Jamaica, virtual currency, crowdfunding and generosity. It has all the makings of an inspiring Disney movie — er, an inspiring Disney sequel. Last Sunday, news began trickling out that a two-man bobsled team from the island nation of Jamaica had qualified for the Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. The country’s official… Read More »

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency that is based on cryptography. Cryptocurrency uses cryptography for security, making it difficult to counterfeit. Public and private keys are often used to transfer the currency from one person to another. Cryptocurrency is considered a counter-culture movement related to cypherpunks, who advocate the use of cryptography as a route to social and political change. Cryptocurrency presents a form of this movement in that… Read More »