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IBM And Blockchain Implementations

This article discusses the significance of IBM and blockchain implementations. Because IBM is more or less quietly a leader in ultra-high level tech R&D and at the same time has major positions in current technological applications that are transforming marketplaces all over the world, trying to see more of what IBM is up to can maybe help us gauge what the future will be like. It is no surprise that… Read More »

Coinbase Notes Segwit2x Fork

Coinbase notes the Segwit2x Fork in their blog. So, yet another bitcoin fork. Coinbase seems to be doing their best to make the right decisions for their customers. It’s important for us to keep a neutral position in any fork. We believe that letting the market decide is the best way to ensure that Bitcoin remains a fair and open platform. Via blog.coinbase.com   . Here’s another good article for… Read More »

Iota Coin Information

IOTA is a 3rd generation cryptocurrency and the first that supports fast decentralized currency transfers with quantum security. The quality of the team behind IOTA has a lot of knowledgeable people thinking IOTA could be the currency of choice in the not too distant future. In today’s crypto market space we see a variety of specialized currencies. While Bitcoin proved that the world is ready for crypto currencies, its architecture… Read More »