The new look of Coinsecure!

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The sidelines have been packed with initiative and change as we streamline ourselves towards delivery of our first user-interaction application. During the course of the build, our creative team, hard at work, decided on a change of our brand.
Why these changes? And more specifically, why now?
Our initial blue was chosen to depict that we were futuristic and digital with grey adding a neutral tone to depict an unbiased nature.
We wanted to make a bolder statement and aim for our brand to be recognized with our core values. The colours we’ve chosen are blue and yellow.
Our Blue stands for royalty, stability, trust and confidence.
Our Yellow depicts a new beginning, with a very strong, energetic and positive outlook. Yellow being the only colour to have been scientifically proven to make people happy, we wanted to incorporate these key aspects into our brand colours.
While our previous typeface was cool, we started with Nexa Bold and Helvetica which increased our overheads and made it difficult to incorporate them wherever we wanted. So we made a switch – to something more simple and recognizabe. We now use ‘Junction’ as our primary font and Open Sans regular as our secondary font.
So what’s next?
We are launching a game over the next few weeks.
A game?
It’s a game, for starters, based on our trade engine. This is the platform where people can get a feel of how the actual exchange would function once it’s live with deposits and withdrawals. Watch out for large prizes and giveaways once we move into a BETA release, in a month’s time.
Author: coinsecure
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